Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Providential Canvassing Experiences

Earlier this year, I was out canvassing with a friend. It was one of my first times canvassing. We knocked on a door where there was obviously a tradesman working inside. I was thinking to myself that he’d be too busy to talk. But he came to the door, although he had been tiling and had glue on his hands so couldn’t handle the books. My friend canvassed him Bountiful Health and he was very interested and said he’d buy it for his mother. So he went off to get the money and came back with $20 which he said was all he had. He alluded to the fact that he was on his own and when we gave him a Path to Peace he said he’d read that one himself. We left and went next door. 

As we were walking, I asked my friend why she hadn’t canvassed him the other books – was it because he said that was all the money he had? She said she should have and we discussed how we both sensed that there was something wrong and that he was close to tears. So we went back and canvassed him the other books and he broke down and started to cry. He told us how his wife had left him a couple of years ago and that he still loved her and felt he didn’t deserve to be treated like that. He said he didn’t see his nineteen year old daughter anymore either. He so appreciated that we just took the time to listen to him. We were able to leave him with a Health and Peace which he was very grateful for, and said he would start reading that night.

Later that day, I was canvassing with Jessica in power hour and by this time I was doing the cookbook canvas myself. We had just left someone’s door and walked back to the curb to move on to the next house, when a young lady, who was walking her dog, approached us and asked if we have cookbooks. She had obviously heard our canvas at the previous door! She had a look at all our books, and especially liked Bountiful Health – while the dog tangled her up in its lead and behaved very impatiently. She showed us she lived in a house just over the road and if we came back to her house in twenty minutes, she’d be finished walking the dog, and she’d give us money for a cookbook. So we went back, and she took Bountiful Health and the complimentary Path to Peace. It was an amazing experience because we did nothing – she approached us.


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