Monday, 15 August 2016

Witnessing to People You Know

Sometimes, it’s hardest to witness to people you know.

I had been praying for an opportunity to share the books we’ve been canvassing with my music teacher. I wasn’t sure how to go about it though; because I know her well, I couldn’t turn up at her door and canvass her like everyone else. And, I wouldn’t have liked to have taken a donation for the books, because she already gives me so much – yet I know she wouldn’t just take them. I didn’t want to give her the books, because I wasn’t sure if she had time to read.

But about two weeks ago, her and I were having a discussion (as we generally do), when she said that she loved reading, and she reads every day. Her idea of heaven was a bright sunny room, the most comfortable snuggly lounges and rows of rows of books – floor to ceiling bookshelves. I agreed that sounded pretty nice, as I enjoy reading too. The conversation moved on, or rather, the lesson got started, but I realized something. God had just given me an opportunity: my teacher and I had just had a conversation about reading, and she told me she reads every day. I decided to give her a book.

I was nervous about the idea – I feel out of practice with witnessing at the moment, and I’m not the type of person who can easily make conversation, and have the right words at the right time. But I prayed a lot about it during the week, and I decided that God gave me the opportunity, so He’d give me the strength. I was also thinking of the times Ellen White says we give account for the opportunities we’ve used, and those we’ve wasted. God had given me an opportunity; it was my responsibility to use it.

Of course, my worries were in vain. Isn’t it crazy how we get surprised when God is God like He says He will be? I gave my teacher Peace Above the Storm, and told her that after our conversation the previous week, I decided to give her ‘a piece of heaven.’ She seemed to like it, and before I left, she thanked me again and said she would read it.

I’m glad I took the opportunity, and that my teacher gratefully accepted the book. I’m praying that it will be a blessing to her – and if you feel impressed, please pray for her too.

It’s encouraging to be reminded that when God gives opportunities, He gives us the strength and courage to meet them. He prepares hearts to receive knowledge of Him, and we really have nothing to be worried about.  

So, how do you witness to people you know? Do you find it more or less difficult? How has God been proving to you that He’s got everything under control?

Keep striving onward and upward!

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