Thursday, 3 March 2016

Grace's Testimony - Sharing With A Friend

We're really excited to share with you the first testimony submission we've received! Thanks so much for sharing, Grace - that's a wonderful opportunity you had to share about God! 

[Background: In my senior years of high school (I went to a public school), I shared about the Bible and God to a good friend of mine. I was extremely excited when I was sharing it with him, and at that moment, he seemed interested. One thing for sure, when you’re excited about God - you’re crazy for Him (in a good way)! After some time, I decided to invite him to church (I did this a few times), but he would often decline, and say that he was busy, and come another time. I started to get the feeling that he wasn't really interested in God anymore; perhaps I had shared too much that I scared him. After graduating high school, most of my friends went their own way, as did I, so contact with this friend of mine wasn't as frequent.]

The other day after I had finished class at uni, I went to catch up with a couple of old high school friends, one of them being my good friend. We spoke for about an hour before my other friend had to leave to pick her brother up. So I was left with my good friend. We continued talking, and reflecting about how things, and people, have changed since graduating, when he randomly told me how a work colleague of his asked him the other day if he knew about God! I was completely shocked about this, as earlier that morning I had prayed and asked God to make an opening so that I could share more about Christ to him. (God had answered my prayer!)

God is so good! For about half an hour to an hour, we spoke purely just about God! I was absolutely thrilled to be able to share more about God, and that my friend was accepting and wanted to learn more about Him. He also told me how his work colleague had also just found out about God, through her own searching of the Word and was excited, and wanted to go on a mission for God! She was also looking for a church which matched the beliefs and things she had been reading, especially based on the book of Revelation and the Second Coming of Jesus. My friend told me how he was interested about this, and would like to know more about God, so I said that we might be able to do Bible studies. (God willing!) My friend also told me, how he has noticed that there is really nothing much to this life, everything around is dying, and all bad. I told him how this was all prophesied in the bible, and that “...there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

God is merciful, and never gives up on anybody, and just as we humans think we have done what we can to reach to someone, God does something miraculous. Sometimes all we have to do as vessels for Christ, is to wait and be patient, even when we feel discouraged, or impatient. We must remember, that God is patient with us, and that our job is to only plant the seed into the hearts of others, and He will nurture and grow the plant.- Grace. 

It's one of our hopes that this blog would be a way to give each other prayer support also, so please keep Grace and her friend in your prayers. And we're looking forward to being able to share your testimonies next - you can submit them here! :)

God bless! 

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  1. Amen! What a privilege to share God's truth with others!


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