Thursday, 25 February 2016


Dear friends,

Welcome to Seeking the Lost; an evangelism testimony blog.

We created this blog as a means of sharing evangelism testimonies to bless others, so to kick it off, here’s one of my testimonies:

I was canvassing a block of units with a friend. It seemed that all the occupants were middle aged men and no one was interested. I walked up to another door; the main door was open and I could see a man sitting in a chair watching TV. In my opinion, it looked like I may get the same response as everyone else in the block: "I'm not interested." I started canvassing him on ‘The Great Controversy’ and he asked how much it was. He went and got twenty five dollars, came to the door, before he had even looked at the book! Then we mentioned that for that much he could get two books. I showed him the other books. He asked if he could get the cookbook; I said he could. As he was looking at ‘The Great Controversy,' after he'd bought, he said “This looks like a really good read!” –Luke

We're looking forward to adding your testimonies to the next post! Please head over to the ‘Submit a Testimony’ page to share your evangelism testimonies.

God bless!

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